Proper trail etiquette is always appreciated.
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Sun Country Trail Blazers

New T-shirts and Hats
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The Sun Country Trail Blazers ride a wide variety of trailheads including the Greenway Trailheads and many other surrounding areas.  Click here for a list of our most popular venues complete with directions.

***new just recently added Directions to Sunny Hill Restoration Area and Watermelon Pond***

Sun Country Trail Blazers
Teresa Crowell, Social Director      

 Trail Etiquette

New Trail Head Directions

All horses should have an ID tag with your last name and cell phone number. You could use a regular ID dog tag on the bridle, or halter bridle. I use a mare collar, like a dog collar, which has a small brass plate with my last name and cell #. They make these collars at the Tack Shack.

IF your horse ever gets loose, call:
Doug Shearer- (352) 816-2353 with the Greenway Equestrians

Greenway Office- (353) 236-7143
and of course, 911

A message from the Sun Country Trail Blazer Officers

Your Board of Directors have been busy this summer working on a program of club events spanning the Fall of 2017 through the Spring of 2018. We hope that you all will be well pleased with the number and variety of rides, camp outs, special events, educational opportunities, and interesting contests. The goal is to provide an interesting program that everyone can get excited about, and participate in as much as desired. Go to the Calendar tab on this website where the events which we have planned have been posted.

Our group riding schedule includes 22 rides, with 13 on the Greenway (Saturday & Sundays). There are 9 out of town trails rides at: Tidewater, Bear Head Hammock, Trail Head Ranch, Sawgrass Island, Half Moon, San Felasco, and Doe Lake which additionally include 2 new trip destinations (River Rise & Barr Hammock). The campers in our club have a plan that covers 7 different camping locations. At Doe Lake, and O'Leno/River Rise we are also targeting day rides at these destinations on the Saturday of the camp out for the non-campers to join in on.

We are in the process of coordinating additional joint rides and camping trips with other local trail riding clubs when possible. The Altoona Trail Riders and Triple B have already committed to combined events. We have reached out to several other groups that have not yet scheduled their rides.

On Wednesday night, September 13th we have been invited to attend a lecture at CCF by Dr. Judith Downer. As Director of the Equine Studies program, her presentation will revolve around how horses learn, health issues, and nutrition. It will be followed by a Q&A session which should be quite informative. RSVP required, as class size is limited to 25. More on this later....

At the end of the riding season we will again announce the winner of our Most Active Rider competition given to the member who participates in the most trail rides. In addition SCTB will again have a best Western Dress Up Day, and this year a best Horse Outfitted Day. The lucky winner will be awarded a bag of carrots, and apples for their trip home. Now that's definitely something to whinny about!!

The Alzheimer benefit “Ride for the Cure” will again be the highlight of the Fall season where we come together with the horse community to raise money for this worthy cause. This year it will be held on October 14th at Landbridge. There will be a poker ride, raffles, a silent auction, and a catered lunch, so please make sure to mark your calendars to come out and support the charity drive.

Sun Country will also offer several special events with meals shared by the group after our rides at Thanksgiving, Christmas, plus a BBQ , Pizza , and Annual Club Meeting & Sub rides. These meal affairs will all be RSVP to provide for better planning and meal preparation.

There are 3 kayak trips during the summer months to beat the heat. One trip has already been held at the Rainbow, but 2 more will follow. Please refer to the schedule for time and place.

Soon enough, when it cools down a bit, our horses will be getting antsy to get out again. They get in that frisky mood when the weather turns and they get bored just hanging around the pasture. So get your tack shined up and ready to go, for we sure have enough activities planned to keep everyone busy! See you all soon...

Ken Williams - President

Teresa Crowell Williams - Vice President

Felipe Korzenny - Vice President

Yvonne Rau - Secretary/Treasurer

Nancy Cloos - Camping Director

Sun Country Trail Blazers

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                                          August 4, 2017

News and Plans for 2017-18

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