Sun Country Trail Blazers

New T-shirts and Hats
Available at most rides and events! See a board member for details!
$10 for the shirts, $12 for the hats.

Sun Country Trail Blazers

Safety Tips

Upcoming Events! (Be sure to check the calendar for info)

  • ​April 28th  Club Ride, subs, and Annual Meeting at Landbridge Trailhead at 10:00 am  - lunch provided by the club to follow!

 Contact Information

New Trail Head Directions

The Sun Country Trail Blazers ride a wide variety of trailheads including the Greenway Trailheads and many other surrounding areas.  Click here for a list of our most popular venues complete with directions.

***new just recently added Directions to Sunny Hill Restoration Area and Watermelon Pond***

Proper trail etiquette is always appreciated.
Click here to read about Trail Etiquette.


 Trail Etiquette

All horses should have an ID tag with your last name and cell phone number. You could use a regular ID dog tag on the bridle, or halter bridle. I use a mare collar, like a dog collar, which has a small brass plate with my last name and cell #. They make these collars at the Tack Shack.

IF your horse ever gets loose on the Greenway, call:
Doug Shearer- (352) 816-2353 with the Greenway Equestrians

Greenway Office- (353) 236-7143
For other riding locations, please refer to signage at the trailhead and make sure to keep that info with you while riding!